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Wednesday 21 April , 2021

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Futura Exchange partners with Moonpay to provide a cutting edge payment solution to its users.

Buy cryptocurrency with a credit or Debit card within minutes.

How to buy cryptocurrency

1. Choose the cryptocurrency and enter the amount you want to buy
2. Enter your crypto wallet address, credit or debit card and ID details
3. Proceed, and find your purchase in your wallet

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When I saw the ad, I thought it was a joke. I started with a $10 trial, minutes later my receiver confirm he got the money. I tried again serveral time with small amounts and it was just instant payments. Ever since I have become a big fan of Futura. Great customer service

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Sending money has never been this easier especially when the need is urgent ! Best exchange rates, no hidden charges and good customer service!


Exchange at your own pace from your own space.

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