Follow these step-by-step guide for a smooth transaction.

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Comment faire une transaction avec Interac au Canada


How it works:

METHOD 1 :Payment with Credit/Debit Cards/Bank transfer/ SEPA/ Appel Pay/ Google Pay/Samsung Pay via Moonpay.

  • For the first time, start with a small amount of about $100 to set up your account and follow Moonpay instructions strictly or your transaction will be rejected.
  • This is a blockchain on-ramp gateway through Moonpay and you may be required to verify your account.
  • If your phone is blocking camara access when uploading documents, check phone settings or leave the app and use your browser link or another device.
  • Click here to see video on how it works (

METHOD 2. Recommended for users in Canada, we recommend using Paytrie( Follow these steps below:

METHOD 2 : Payment with Crytos/Bitcoins

A. Cheapest Option (We recommend using Cashapp see video below)

  • Make sure your Bitcoin Cash App account is verified. Watch this video how to do that :
  • After verification watch this video and follow the steps:
  • It is a similar process using any other crypto wallet. Transaction time 30minutes
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