Sending with Bitcoins

A. For users in the USA (We recommend using Cashapp).Please take the following steps:

  1. Get your Cashapp account verified to enable bitcoin purchase and withdrawals if you haven't. Watch this video on how to get verify your cashapp: This may take some few minutes to days. If rejected, send an email to cashapp support and they will send a link to upload your ID and picture.

  2. After verification, watch this video on how to do a transaction:

B. All Countries (We recommend using Coinbase)

  1. Sign up on Coinbase ( and verify your account. Follow the steps in this video : .
  2. Once you have set up your account on coinbase, see how to buy and transfer Bitcoins on Coinbase :
  3. Follow the same steps as in this video to do a transaction on Futura Exchange :

Sending with Credit/Debit Cards ( If you have never used Bitcoins, just follow these steps in the videos)

A. Canada, UK, Australia, EU, Asia ,Russia and Others:

  1. Enter and complete a transation on Futura Exchange :
  2. Go to

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