Exchange cheaply and securely at your own time and space.

At Futura Exchange we have always been passionate about creating a financial experience that embraces digital currencies or blockchain and our goal is to provide a seamless and cost effective service that uses these technologies to empower our users in their everyday life. We believe the freedom to manage these limited financial resources wherever and whenever is a fundamental right that opens a world of human empowerment!

About $6.6 trillions is traded daily in the global Foreign Exchange market. At least 90% of that cash is own by individuals but unfortunately they hardly benefit from these trades. Instead, they are highly charged each time they do a foreign exchange transaction (Send Money). Financial intermediaries such as the big banks and other money transfer agencies have hijacked the foreign exchange free market system; dictating the exchange rates at the expense of the ordinary man ripping them of their hard earned cash with very unfair market exchange.At Futura Exchange, we believe exchange should be secured, fair, free or even fetch you more money because it’s your hard earned cash. We act as intermediaries in enhancing peer-to-peer exchange, helping users exchange their financial assets at the best free market rates. We use the latest financial technology and innovations, digital assets such as cryptocurrencies /mobile money and various payment options to conveniently exchange your financial assets fast, safe and affordably. Through our portal, you can sit from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, and exchange any currency with no hassle. Our customer service team works round-the-clock to ensure you have an enhanced experience.